Academic Staff

  Name : Ruli Dutta Saikia
  Designation: Principal I/C
  Educational Qualification: Msc (Mathematics)
  Professional Qualification: B.Ed
  Subject taught: Mathematics
  Research work: A Comparative study on effectiveness of Brain Storming and Lecture Method in teaching mathematics for Primary Teacher trainees. 

  Name : Niva  Rani Devi Khound
  Designation: Senior Lecturer (Work education)
  Educational Qualification: Msc (Home Science)
  Professional Qualification: B.Ed
  Subject taught: Work Education

Name : Krishna Dutta Deka
  Designation: Senior Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA (English), MA (Education)
  Professional Qualification: (i) B, Ed
(ii) Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching of English (CIEFL)
(iii) Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Planning and Management (PGDEPA), NUEPA, New Delhi
(iv) Certificate Course in Early Grade Reading
  Area of Expertise:

(i) English Language,
(ii) Multi Grade & Multi Level Methodology (MGML)
(iii) Mono Grade & Multi Level Methodology (MGML)
(iv) Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
(v) Out of School Children (OoSC)
(vi)Education for Girl Child

  Subject taught: (i) Teaching of English .
(ii) Assessment and Evaluation
(iii) Learning and Teaching
(iv) Language proficiency
  Research work: (i)Effectiveness of learning ladder in children achievement in MGML Schools of Titabar Block (2012)
(ii) An Expository study to understand of present formative evaluation measures promoted in the training package developed by British Council and to assess its impact on the improvement of teacher’s ability to teach a second language with special reference to Sivsagar and Golaghat district of Assam.
(iii)Developing speaking skills in the children of Upper Primary Schools of Jorhat District(2009)
(iv) Management of Pre Primary Education in Titabor Block of Jorhat district, Assam (2018)  submitted to NUEPA, New Delhi
(v) Multi Grade Multi Level Methodology  in Primary   Schools of Titabar Block of Jorhat district (2017)
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Developing New Schools in Assam  ( Exploring Teaching and Learning in India .Issue 5. British Council)

Project Undertaken:

(i) Enhancing learning outcomes for children in Tea Garden management schools of Golaghat and Udalguri districts and
(ii)Skill based approach in Upper Primary Government Schools of Jorhat District
(iii) Multi Grade and Multi Level Teaching in Jorhat district
  Award/Achievement: ELTrep Award by British Council in 2013.

  Name : Ananta Gogoi
  Designation: Senior Lecturer (Art and Creative Education)
  Educational Qualification: MFA
  Area of Expertise: CreativeArt
  Subject taught: Art Education

Name : Bijoya Borthakur
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA(Philosophy)
  Professional Qualification: B.Ed
  Research work: (i) “Mismatch between the training of teachers and their actual classroom practices” Seminar Paper at Dibrugarh University.
(ii) “Implementation of ECE in Lower Primary schools of Jorhat district – A study”.

Name : Khogen Gogoi
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: M. Com

  Name : Hemojyoti Deka  
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA (Psychology)
  Professional Qualification: B.Ed

Name : Kalpana Hazarika Gogoi
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: M. Sc (Statistics)
  Professional Qualification: B. Ed
  Area of Expertise: Big Data Analytics,I.C.T.
  Subject taught: Education, Mathematics and Statistics
  Research work:

(i) “A Comprehensive Study of Existence of RTE in the Non Project Schools and Project schools of Titabar Educational Block”, submitted to SSA, Assam.
(ii) A report on Reading Enhancement Programme in Jorhat District.

  Name : Raju Baruah
  Designation: Lecturer (ET)
  Educational Qualification: M.A. (Soc.), M.Phil. (Education), NET (Edn.)
  Professional Qualification: M.Ed., DEPA
  Area of Expertise: IT
  Subject taught: ICT
  Research work: (i) A Study on the Community Perception of Teachers Accountability, submitted to Dibrugarh University for fulfilment of M.Ed. degree in the year1998.
(ii) A study on Effectiveness of existing Evaluation system on pupils achievement in Mathematics, submitted to SCERT, Assam in the year 2007-08.
(iii) A study on the Status of Anganwadi centers under Amguri ICDS project of Sivasagar district of Assam, submitted to DEE, NCERT, New Delhi in the year, 2008.
(iv) A study on School activities and availability of physical facilities with special reference to sitting arrangement of Ka-Shreni Students, submitted to SSA, Assam in the year 2009.
(v) A Study on the status of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Lower Primary Schools of Sonari educational Block of Sivasagar District, Submitted to SSA, Assam.
(vi) A study on Perception of parents about Early Childhood Care and Education: A study in Sivasagar district of Assam, submitted to GOU, Nagaland for fulfilment of M.Phil. Degree in the year 2010
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Community Perception of Teachers Accountability, Journal of   Education, DU, Sixth Issue: 1999-2000 (Pg No.48-63)

  Name : Runima Saikia Dutta
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA( sociology)
  Professional Qualification: M.Ed
  Research work: (i) Teacher show disinterest using TLM in Classroom transaction (2009-2010)
(ii)  Effect of proper method in making EVS teaching effective for class IV students of Sonari Educational Block of Sivsagar district (2010-2011)
(iii) A study on the status of co-scholastic achievement and participation of Upper Primary students of Nazira Educational Block of Sivsagar district.

Name : Netra Gogoi 
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA (Geography)
  Professional Qualification: B.Ed.
  Subject taught: Social Science

Name : Papari Mazumdar
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA (Gauhati University), MA (IDOL), M. Phill, SET- 2012, UGC- NET, 2013
  Professional Qualification: D.El.Ed
  Subject taught: Teaching of Assamese
  Published Papers/Books: i. Bhortaal Nrityaaru Barpetiya Samajar Bhumika. Manikanchan. Vol20.No.6 (May,2014) pp.7
ii. Barpeta Satrat Prathamjana Satradhikar Mathuradas Burha AtarAbadaan. ManikancShan. Vol 20.No.10 (September,2014) pp.5&14
iii. Swakiya Bayshisthya reujjwalita Barpeta SatrarHati, Hatiyarghararu Hatiyarpuji. Manikanchan. Vol20. No.4 (March,2015)pp.3&6
iv. Barpeta Anchalar Samajik Lokprathaaruiyar NarirBhumika. Bartapakhili. Vol. 21.No.1 (October,2015) pp.306-08. ISSN2249-9865
v. Mamoni Raychom Goswamir Galpat Naari Manar Sangghat. Bartapakhili. Vol.21.No.6 (March,2016) pp.23-25. ISSN2249-9865
vi. Lakshminath Bezbaroar ‘ MorJeeven Sowaran ’r Bhasarsailaye Bigayansanmata Bisleshan. pp.205-215. ISBN978-81-930006-4-9.PublishedbyAbhayapuricollege.Abhayapuri;Dist-Bongaigaon.
vii. Mamoni Raysam Goswamir Galpat NariManar Sanghat. Dunari. Vol.v, (Novembe,2016) pp13-16
Seminarattended/participated: i. UGC sponsored National Seminaron ‘ Morphological Study on Badhakabyao

Name : Samikhya Rani Borah  
  Designation: Lecturer PSTE (Art Education)
  Educational Qualification: MA in Performing Arts
  Subject taught: Art Education (Performing Art) PSTE

Name : Bikash Pegu
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MSW, PGDSRD, UGC-NET, 2013
  Area of Expertise: Inclusive Education and Dsiability
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Baseline information on Dalits with Disability in M ward, Mumbai, ISBN: 9783-659-21058-7 LAPLAMBART ACADEMIC Publishing, Germany
(ii) “Role of financial inclusion and NRLM in rural development: an impact assessment on some selected SHGs in Akajan Gaon Panchayat under Sissiborgaon development block of Assam” paper presented at ICSSR National Level Seminar, Dhemaji College, Assam

Name : Jyotshna Borah
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA, M. Phil, NET, SLET
  Professional Qualification: D. El. Ed
  Area of Expertise: Literature
  Subject taught: Assamese (PSTE)
  Research work:  
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Sujan Kandhar, p-91-101(Edited by Dr. Mayashree Goswami), July 2011
(ii) Srimanta Sankardeva : Life, Art and Thought
(iii) Entrepreneurship Development in North East India, p-225-229 (edited by –Ranjan Kumar Phookan, Ramen Baruah, ISBN:978-81-7213-143-2), 2012
(iv) Panchajany, the Researh Journal of Sivasagar Zonal ommittee of Assam college Teachers association, P-131-137, (Edited by-Raghunath Kagyung, ISSN 2230-911x), September, 2013
(v) GARIYOSHI, P-103-104, ISSN: 2349-5324, March, 2013 
(vi) BARTAPAKHILI, P-309-310, ISSN: 2249-9865, April, 2013
(vii) BARTAPAKHILI, P-15-16, ISSN: 2249-9865, March, 2014
(viii) PERTINENT PERSPETIVES, P-342-351, (Edited by-Dr. Mamoni Borah, Hemanga Ranjan chutia, ISBN: 978-81721-325-21), 29TH January, 2015

Name : Puspanjali  Dolay  
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: MA, M. Phil
  Professional Qualification: B. Ed
  Subject taught: Teaching of English
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Partition of Indian leads to Rootlessness and Alienation in Siddhartha    Deb’s The Point of Return
(ii) A Study on Ethnic Minorities in Anjeem Hasan’s Lunatic in My Head
(iii) A glimpse of the Colonial Rule of India in Mulk Ral Anand’s Two Leaves and a Bud
(iv) Represantation of Violence in Indian English writing from North East India A Study
(v) The plight of Untouchability in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable

Name : Dreamly Dutta
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: M. Sc in Life Science (Zoology)
  Professional Qualification: B. Ed
  Subject taught: Teaching of Science
  Published Papers/Books: Effect of heavy metal Cadmium on total protein  content, Amino acid content and Alanine aminotransferase activity of fresh water snail, Pila globosa

Name : Nipu Sahu
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: M. Sc. in Mathematics
  Professional Qualification: B. Ed., PGDCA
  Subject taught: Mathematics

Name : Sumit Kr. Thapa 
  Designation: Lecturer
  Educational Qualification: M. P .Ed
  Professional Qualification: UGC-NET, 2012
  Area of Expertise: Research in Physical Education and Sports, Sports Training, Health and Fitness management, Sports Nutrition and Diet, Sports Psychology.
  Subject taught: Physical Education
  Published Papers/Books: (i) Dr.O Jiten singh.Sumit kr Thapa., A comparative study of endurance capacity between football and basketball players, International journal of commerce, Arts and science,(6)(4), 31-36 (2015) ISSN:2319-9202 (
(ii) Dr.O Jiten singh.Sumit kr Thapa., A comparative study of selected health related physical fitness between teaching and non-teaching staff in Dibrugargh University., Research Journal of Physical Education Science,3(6), 6-8 (2015) ISSN: 2320- 9011( )
(iii) Dr. O Jiten singh, Sumit kr Thapa, A Scientific Selection of Badminton Shoes- A Study., International Journals of Sociology, Management and Humanities, (6)(5),41-44(2015) ISSN: 2277-9809 (
(iv) Sadanda Phukan, Dr. O. Jiten Singh and Sumit kr Thapa, Analysis of goal scoring pattern at inter college  football tournament, International journal of behavioral social and movement sciences, (4)(3), 27-31 (2015) ISSN:  2277-7547(
(v) Sumit kr Thapa and Rituporna patir. A comparative study of aggression between sports achievers and sports non-achievers female football players. Academic sports scholar,International online research journal of physical Education and sports. (4) (6), 1-5 (2015) | ISSN: 2277-3665 (

About DIET

Founded in year 1989, DIET JORHAT is located at Jorhat, Assam. It is an Institute affiliated to Dibrugarh University approved by National Council Of Teacher Education, India. The Institute offers Diploma courses and Bachelor Degree in various disciplines like Education. It offers Courses like D.El.Ed. , B.Ed., ODL.